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Our attorneys from left to right. (Robert Drummond, Roy Lester, Gabriel R. Korinman, Peter K. Kamran) 

Our firm’s attorneys have a refined mastery of the Bankruptcy & Foreclosure laws. We provide you with the best possible representation.

Our Team of Lawyers are dedicated & highly skilled professionals, putting their knowledge and experience to work for you. Each one plays an integral role in your case, and each brings a separate insight into Lester & Associates’teamed expertise. You might feel that because your home is in foreclosure, that you have to hire an attorney to combat just the foreclosure. However, you may have several other beneficial options. Our Long Island Attorneys know that there are a myriad of options for every instance, and can advise you which may be best for you.

We specialize in a multitude of areas, meaning we can handle whatever your problem might be. Our goal is to help you get back on track, and build a strong financial future. Between our 4 Long Island Attorneys, we have 4 combined Juris Doctorates, 1 L.L.M. in Bankruptcy, and over 70 years of experience fighting for those whose financial futures seem gloomy. Our firm is also completely fluent in Spanish.

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