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Even the best landlord/tenant relationships can become tense at times, and the attorneys at Lester & Associates pride ourselves on helping our clients avoid, discuss, negotiate and resolve any issues that arise. We have extensive experience litigating landlord/tenant matters in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Long Island, both commercially and residentially.

Skilled Representation Is Important

The majority of landlord/tenant cases involve evictions, when a landlord asks the court to order his tenant to leave. The two most common types of evictions are non-payment and holdover proceedings. Non-payment proceedings are brought when a tenant fails to pay rent and the landlord demands that he either do so or move out. In a holdover proceeding, the tenant remains in possession of real property after his lease expires or after he’s served with a termination notice.

Tenants can also file landlord/tenant cases, most commonly to force a landlord to fix life-threatening or dangerous conditions.

Whatever landlord/tenant issue you’re facing, we can help. Our experienced Long Island landlord/tenant attorneys have a combined 70 years’ experience in negotiating leases, defending against evictions, subletting issues and underletting issues. The careful negotiation required in landlord/tenant matters and the specialized knowledge required to effectively practice in landlord/tenant court, require a high level of skill and ability. We’re proud to offer that skill and those abilities at Lester & Associates.

Landlord/Tenant Proceedings Are Specialized

Landlord/tenant matters are brought in District Court in New York, where you can sue for housing problems and evictions. These are expedited proceedings and they’re very technical. If a notice of petition or the petition itself isn’t drafted properly, or if it’s not properly served on the other party, the court will most likely dismiss the proceedings, forcing you to start all over again. Our experienced Long Island landlord/tenant lawyers are diligent in the timely and accurate filing of all required documents.

We Offer Free Consultations

Lester & Associates offers complimentary 30-minute consultations regarding landlord/tenant issues. It’s our way of helping you determine if you need to retain legal counsel. In many cases, the consultation alone may solve your problem. A confidential consultation can provide guidance and ideas for both tenants and landlords, no matter the nature of the dispute. Whatever the issue or concern, we can help. Call (516) 357-9191 or fill out a contact form today and let us help you resolve your landlord/tenant issues.

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