Lester and Associates: Residential Real Estate Transactions, New York

The experienced real estate attorneys at Lester & Associates provide legal advice and general counsel for all aspects of Long Island residential real estate transactions. This may include deals involving cooperative apartments, single family homes, apartment buildings, mixed-use buildings, condominiums, townhouses, and even transactions involving undeveloped land. We’re conveniently located in Garden City, New York and can assist residential real estate clients throughout Long Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

The Long Island real estate attorneys at Lester & Associates specialize in providing a number of essential services. We can assist with the purchase or sale of residential property in Suffolk County, reviewing or drafting real estate contracts or purchase and sale agreements. We review offering plans and handle title examinations as well. Our Long Island attorneys also specialize in reviewing records located at the Division of Housing and Community Renewal to determine whether specific apartments are rent-stabilized or rent-controlled, and whether there are any overcharge actions pending.

We can also help you determine if there are violations pending at the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development. If so, we can tell you how old they are. We can help you determine whether a building has unpaid liens against it and ensure that all real estate taxes on a target property are up to date. We can warrant that a building is properly registered with the Division of Housing and Community Renewal and with the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development. If you need assistance with any aspect of the acquisition of real property in Suffolk County, Lester & Associates can help.

We Achieve Positive Results

Our real estate attorneys maintain close relationships with other real estate professionals, including lenders, brokerage houses and title insurance companies. Our real estate clients include individual buyers and sellers, financial institutions, residential landlords and tenants, syndicators, title companies and public authorities. We have widespread experience in various types of lending from both lenders’ and borrowers’ perspectives. We can assist our clients with proper tax planning and estate planning in conjunction with the purchase or sale of residential real estate.

Our Commitment to You

We work diligently, efficiently, creatively and collaboratively with our clients, allowing us to successfully close a high number of residential real estate transactions. We pay close attention to risks and how they’re apportioned in every transaction our experienced real estate lawyers are involved with. This helps ensure a favorable outcome and reduces the risk of future litigation. It allows us to represent both buyers and sellers in a cost-effective and efficient way.

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