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The estate-planning attorneys at Lester and Associates have served Long Island and Suffolk County families for many years. Our Garden City, New York team can help you with wills, trusts, small estates, and tax advice.

Why You Need a Will

A will designates an executor, appoints guardians for children, sets forth how debts and taxes will be paid, and even provides for the care of pets. A will also speeds up the probate process, prevents family members from fighting over possessions, and disinherits people, such as a former spouse. It also enables you to keep living – in the form of gifts and donations. When people die without a will, most states give the deceased’s belongings to his or her parents or other relatives. For these reasons, it is strongly encouraged to always have a will in place to protect you and your family’s future.

Why You Need a Trust

Establishing a trust allows you to determine the conditions under which your assets will be distributed to beneficiaries. And since trusts don’t usually go through the probate process like wills, those assets will be allocated more quickly. A trust can also protect spendthrifts from spending their entire inheritance at once or keep the money from going to their creditors.

Once you fund a trust, whether it be a revocable living trust, an insurance trust, or a charitable trust, you place assets in the hands of a trustee who is responsible for administering and distributing your assets according to the terms set forth therein.

We not only help set up the trust, we offer trust administration services and work with your trustee to ensure compliance.

Other Estate Considerations

Wills and trusts are important, but there are other documents you may want to consider when contemplating your estate-planning needs. For instance, we can help you with Advanced Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney, or a health care proxy with HIPAA authorization. To discuss any of these options, contact the attorneys at Lester and Associates today for a complimentary consultation. Call (516) 357-9191 or fill out a contact form to be contacted by our attorneys.

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